What is Ecu in the BMW CAR? All You Need to Know

The ECU is the short term for Engine Control Unit. This tool is basically the brain of the BMW car. It is responsible for so many functions as well as the entire system, not only in the engine but in other areas of the car. For instance, it controls ignition timing, air-to-fuel as well as idle speed. In addition, in other BMW models, the ECU usually takes control of the engine when the valve opens. This not only increases the power of the engine, but also the economy. Usually the term of BMW ECU is always connect to the term BMW Scan tool.

In other models still, the ECU comes electronically, and features an electronic valve control. The best thing about the electronic valve feature is that it minimizes fuel consumption by about 15 percent while alleviating horsepower as well as the torque. But many models of BMW come with the electronic Engine Control Unit. Although there are so many benefits in using the ECU, it is paramount that the tool remains in good shape and retains its functionality for the longest time possible.

Most people don’t know, but sometimes resetting the ECU by BMW Scan tool may not solve the issues a vehicle has. Actually resetting it is like rebooting your mobile phone or a computer. In this article, we are going to discuss a few important aspects of the BMW ECU programming using a BMW Scan tool and the steps you ought to take when you are resetting it.

Basic Information about the Electronic ECU in the bmw car

As noted earlier, electronic ECU comes in handy because it increases the fuel economy and improves the performance of your car. The ECU is just like the mind of a human being, it has the power to learn about your car while you are driving it, and it stores all the crucial information. This process lets the ECU track any slight change in the actuators as well as the tolerance on the sensors of the engine. The information that the ECU collects is usually stored in a special RAM that is backed by a long lasting battery. And this is very important because it helps the engine not start from the beginning every now and then. When you switch on the engine, it retrieves this crucial information from the storage tanks. Just like the computer, the ECU sometimes has a tendency of hanging our running slow. If this happens, the only way to handle this issue is to reset the ECU.

How to Reset the ECU of BMW

To ensure that the ECU of your BMW works perfectly, even if your car is off, the battery of your car is able to back up the unit using a line that connect both the ECU and the battery. In addition, all types of electronic ECU have the same procedure when resetting by a Scan Tool. What you need to do is to discard the battery from the source of power by de-attaching the negative wire for about ten minutes and the reconnect it, and you can now switch on the engine. The engine will automatically configure to the original state of the sensors.

Resetting the ECU- Myth versus. Reality

Although resetting the ECU is a good thing for getting rid of the old codes as well as unwanted data from the data the ECU of the car, it is not all you need to do to ensure the problem is completely solved. Sadly, there are many people who believe if they reset the ECU, so many problems of the engine will be solved. Although it might get rid of the cods, it really does not fix all the issues your engine may have. But if the engines codes are very old, or if your engine is releasing fake codes, you may then reset the ECU as it may help solve the issue.

In addition, there are still those who think that you need to reset the ECU every time you modify the engine, install or repair it. However, this is not always the case. As long as the unit is functioning well, it will learn any changes made on the engine

Reasons you should reset an ECU

For many BMW models, both old and new versions, the main reason to format the ECU is to format and get rid of the error codes inside the engine using a good BMW Scan Tool. Where there is the problem with the car engine, it will give out codes.